Creative & Bespoke Glass Work: Windows, Panels, Suncatchers, Decorations


On the following few pages you'll find various pieces of work I've completed that are either currently available for sale or can be made to order. If a particular item is not in stock and needs to be made to order, please remember that each piece is unique (because it is handmade and not factory produced!); so although I try my hardest to replicate, there may be tiny variations! I'm also more than happy to make up the same designs but in different colours to suit individual tastes/colour schemes etc.

Also on the site are some of the recent commissions I've completed. If you wish to commission a piece please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements (without obligation of course!). Oh and remember... commissions can be anything from a small decoration to big window panel!

If you are local please do contact me if you wish to place an order - I'm more than happy to avoid paypal/postage costs, and like to try to hand deliver where possible for that personal touch!


Dorset: from Hill to Sea 2009